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title = StarlingX Review Inbox
description = Review Inbox
foreach = (
    project:starlingx/ansible-playbooks OR
    project:starlingx/clients OR
    project:starlingx/compile OR
    project:starlingx/config OR
    project:starlingx/config-files OR
    project:starlingx/containers OR
    project:starlingx/distcloud OR
    project:starlingx/distcloud-client OR
    project:starlingx/docs OR
    project:starlingx/election OR
    project:starlingx/fault OR
    project:starlingx/governance OR
    project:starlingx/gui OR
    project:starlingx/ha OR
    project:starlingx/helm-charts OR
    project:starlingx/integ OR
    project:starlingx/manifest OR
    project:starlingx/metal OR
    project:starlingx/monitor-armada-app OR
    project:starlingx/monitoring OR
    project:starlingx/nfv OR
    project:starlingx/openstack-armada-app OR
    project:starlingx/platform-armada-app OR
    project:starlingx/root OR
    project:starlingx/specs OR
    project:starlingx/stx-puppet OR
    project:starlingx/test OR
    project:starlingx/tools OR
    project:starlingx/update OR
    project:starlingx/upstream OR
    project:starlingx/utilities OR
    NOT owner:self
    NOT label:Workflow<=-1
    NOT reviewedby:self

[section "Needs final +2"]
query = label:Code-Review>=2 limit:50 NOT label:Code-Review<=-1,self

[section "Passed Zuul, No Negative Feedback (Small Fixes)"]
query = NOT label:Code-Review>=2 NOT label:Code-Review<=-1,starlingx-core delta:<=10

[section "Passed Zuul, No Negative Feedback"]
query = NOT label:Code-Review>=2 NOT label:Code-Review<=-1,starlingx-core delta:>10

[section "Needs Feedback (Changes older than 5 days that have not been reviewed by anyone)"]
query = NOT label:Code-Review<=-1 NOT label:Code-Review>=1 age:5d

[section "You are a reviewer, but haven't voted in the current revision"]
query = NOT label:Code-Review<=-1,self NOT label:Code-Review>=1,self reviewer:self

[section "Wayward Changes (Changes with no code review in the last 2days)"]
query = NOT is:reviewed age:2d