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Summary of Blazar patches to review


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title = Blazar Review Dashboard
description = Summary of Blazar patches to review
foreach = (project:openstack/blazar OR project:openstack/blazar-dashboard OR project:openstack/blazar-nova OR project:openstack/blazar-specs OR project:openstack/blazar-tempest-plugin OR project:openstack/python-blazarclient) status:open NOT label:Code-Review<=-2

[section "My Patches Requiring Attention"]
query = owner:self (label:Verified-1,zuul OR label:Code-Review-1 OR label:Workflow<=-1)

[section "High priority changes"]
query = label:Review-Priority=2

[section "Priority changes"]
query = label:Review-Priority=1

[section "Feature freeze"]
query = label:Review-Priority=-1

[section "Stable branch backports"]
query = branch:^stable/.* NOT label:Review-Priority=-1

[section "Small things (<25 LOC, limit 10)"]
query = delta:<=25 limit:10 (NOT label:Code-Review-1,blazar-core) label:Verified>=1,zuul branch:master

[section "Needs Reverify"]
query = label:Workflow>=1 NOT label:Workflow<=-1 label:Verified<=-1,zuul

[section "Needs Final Approval (to land on master)"]
query = NOT label:Workflow>=1 NOT label:Workflow<=-1 NOT owner:self label:Code-Review>=2 label:Verified>=1,zuul (NOT label:Code-Review-1,blazar-core) branch:master

[section "Newer (<1wk) Open Patches (limit 25)"]
query = -age:1week limit:25 branch:master NOT label:Workflow>=1 (NOT label:Code-Review-1,blazar-core) label:Verified>=1,zuul NOT label:Code-Review>=2

[section "Older (>1wk) Open Patches Passing Zuul Tests (limit 50)"]
query = age:1week limit:50 NOT label:Workflow>=1 NOT label:Code-Review<=-1 NOT label:Code-Review>=1 label:Verified>=1,zuul (NOT label:Code-Review-1,blazar-core)